Our Story

FOA started as a handful of people with a small warehouse and a commitment to delivering happiness. Today, that small warehouse has grown to five distribution centers. That handful of passionate workers is now hundreds of brothers and sisters. We now service customers around the globe, and are major players in the nation’s largest furniture trade-shows. FOA is a premier source for US-made upholstery, allowing us to maintain a competitive edge while supporting our country’s job market. We hold a portfolio of U.S. design and utility patents, with several pending. Each aims to uphold our commitment to innovation, value, and most importantly, safety.

Throughout our rapid growth we have stuck to our beliefs and passion for sharing joy. We know that our future holds more opportunities to share and give. These desires propel us forward.

Our Culture

We like to share with our customers, with our community, and with ourselves. Our employee-focused business model rewards everyone that keeps FOA moving forward. This passion for giving extends to our partners and the community. We offer unparalleled customer support programs that help build our partners’ business. We commit to organizations that champion community building and contribute to local causes. Sharing is what makes us strong.

As an employee-owned operation, this company is one big family. Every morning we shake hands, and at the end of the day everyone says goodbye. We provide breakfast and lunch every day, as well as a wealth of benefits to ensure our FOA family members are well taken care of. We extend this familial embrace to our dealers and vendors. When we call or visit, we do so as friends with a personal stake in our partners’ ability to serve and grow.

Together, we make life better!